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Main areas of research

Lewis' main field of work, thermodynamics, received the necessary dissemination in America through him. He began his scientific work by uniting the individual laws of thermodynamics into a logical system - do my homework for me . At Harvard, he devoted himself to a work on the theory of radiation of black bodies. From his results, he concluded that light must exert pressure. However, this idea was so unconventional at the time that he did not dare to publish it.

In his work on valence theory, Lewis also established a cubic atom model and used it to explain the cycle of eight elements in the periodic table - take my class . At the Massachusetts Institute, his investigations of the binding energies of numerous compounds and the creation of a new concept of chemical activity took place. He defined this chemical activity as the tendency of a substance to change its chemical state.

Lewis spent his time at Berkeley on the systematic collection of the known data of free energies and entropy values. In this he was also partly assisted by Randall. With Brey, Lewis developed a dualistic valence theory in 1913. With this, polar and non-polar bonds could be distinguished. His work on the theory of chemical bonding - https://domyhomework.club/chemistry-problem-solver/ , which he published in 1916, also contained a cubic atom model. With this atomic model, the structures of ammonium and the diatomic chlorine molecule could also be clarified for the first time.

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